A great company is planted with its people

One of the most important resources for Castilla Agrícola is its human talent. Labor relations and a good organizational climate are linked to principles and values such as: responsibility, honesty, respect, loyalty and empathy.

For our company, the dynamics of the region's economy and the generation of employment are of vital importance, for this reason we are committed to the personal, professional and economic development of the families in our area of influence.

Due to the characteristics of the agricultural operation and related to the sugar sector, Castilla Agrícola also hires services and independent professionals, which are channeled through companies and contractors. It is Company policy to maintain controls and mechanisms to ensure effective compliance with labor laws.

At Castilla Agrícola, we offer our employees a benefits plan focused mainly on Education, Health and Savings, which in addition to contributing to the improvement of their quality of life and that of their families, enhances their work and professional performance.